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We want to make our Celebration Service Messages available so that if you missed a service you can get all the details; so that you can use the teaching during the week; or so you can pass along the message to friends and neighbors to give them a feel for who and what we are.
If you’re new to podcasting…it’s just an MP3 audio file that we recorded and are making available to you.  You can listen in three main ways:

  • You can either click on the below listing of pictures and “listen” links to hear them right now,
  • If you want to get the message for later, use the free iTunes software to get them delivered right to your computer.  Just click the “Subscribe” link to the right and iTunes will take care of updating them as we make them available.
  • If you have your own RSS reader or just want to download the MP3 files, click on the RSS icon to get the feed in your browser.

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