Saint Charles River Church


What does Sunday services look like?

Sunday morning is a time to come together with the members of your extended SCRC family, bring your friends and neighbors, and spend some time celebrating what God has done not only in your life, but also in the lives of those around you!  We spend lots of time giving thanks to God for who He is as our creator and loving director of our lives.

We use many different expressions of Worship during our celebration services since we all experience worship in different ways and God loves the variety and uniqueness of each of our lives.

As you can see above, our facilities are geared towards a dynamic, colorful and immersive worship experience.  We use high energy music provided by our worship ministries band to celebrate throughout the morning.  Lighting, audio, video clips, and a comfortable seating area enhance this expression of worship.

We spend time praying, both for ourselves and those around us for those who have specific needs in their lives, and also for thanks to God for the blessings He has given us.  Prayer is a time of focusing on God and can be experienced through group prayer lead by the worship pastor or teaching pastor, or a time of quiet and introspective individual prayer.

We spend a good part of our celebration service hearing relevant messages and teachings from the Bible.  The Bible is our “user’s manual” from God, and as such we hold it as our guiding book (further details about this are here).  The teaching style is exactly what you need in your life!  Relaxed, relevant to your life today, informational, challenging, and with items that you can take away and begin to apply immediately.