Saint Charles River Church


Local Missions: Across the Street

There are numerous opportunities to meet the needs of people right in our back yard!  SCRC strives to reach out to people in need and to show love, grace and mercy through helping to meet their needs: physical, emotional, and spiritual.  We’ve re-roofed houses, built sheds, provided for utilities, donated vehicles, and many other things that members do in private for those around them.  We also partner with Convoy of Hope to participate on projects that require more resources than we can provide as a local family.

World Missions: Around the World

SCRC believes in the power of world missions.  We’ve been to Wales, Honduras, Portugal, Panama and in 2011 we’ve helped the people of Japan and we’ll be going back to Portugal.  During these trips we partner with local churches to have them tell us what needs can be taken care of and then we provide funding, personnel and materials to take care of their local community.

Missions trips are a great way to put into practice your faith and to experience the joy of giving your time, finances, and skills into making life better for one of your fellow human beings.