Saint Charles River Church

Celebration Service Teams

Celebration Service Teams

Our Sunday Celebration Service teams exist to promote Jesus through contemporary music, innovative technical support, and the giving of our God created gifts to make your experience at SCRC on a Sunday memorable. Our team operates with a servant-hood orientation, involving members in other areas of ministry.

  • The Celebration Service Band is made up of experienced musicians and vocalists who exhibit a passion for music. Our band is high energy and highly talented.  Our style reflects this!
  • The technical teams are comprised of men and women volunteers trained to utilize state of the art concert lighting, multimedia visual projection and sound systems.
  • Our Cafe team is committed to bringing quality service in the finest coffee, frozen beverages and baked goods, as well as creating a relaxed and comfortable environment to enjoy them in.  Sit down in front of the big screen and enjoy our services!
  • The Welcome team are the people in blue!  We’re here to welcome you to the facility, direct you to where you want to go and to be the first smiling face and warm handshake you’ll receive on the facilities of SCRC.

These teams support the Sunday Celebration Services through their dedication and expertise in creating a full sensory experience in which to come and Celebrate God and what he does in our lives.

All of our teams make a commitment to a relationship with Jesus Christ and love for one another. We are a family of committed followers of Christ seeking to lead others into a deeper understanding of His love and grace for us all.