Saint Charles River Church

Community Small Groups

Community Small Groups

Community Small groups are a place to come and experience great friendships with other followers of Christ, great times of connection with God, and wonderful opportunities to connect with your friends who are still trying to figure out what being a follower of Christ is all about.

We strive to foster an environment of fun, meals, and just hanging out with a group of authentic friends.  SCRC community small groups are tailored to meet the needs of the members.  We have groups that focus on affinities, groups that are social event focused, and groups that focus on outreach into their community. Some small groups focus on the entire family with young children at the group gatherings, others focus on the adults with youth in high school, still others focus on the senior citizens.  We also have a group that enjoys riding motorcycles one weekend a month. Other small groups are in the growing stages and will be launched in the future.

All of our community small groups are driven by the overarching goal of providing fellowship to those who attend.  We believe strongly that a church organization is successful when it’s members are connected to each other and reach out to other friends, neighbors and co-workers to provide them with a place to experience the love and grace of Christ.

Start your journey with SCRC Small Groups today: contact the office and ask for Pastor Carl Thoenen: Small Group Point Person.