Saint Charles River Church

Love Life

We receive God’s gift of eternal life

‘For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God.” (Ephesians 2:8)

Two of the Reformational truths that we hold with great conviction in relation to our Mission Statement is what Luther called ‘sola fide’ (faith alone) and ‘sola Christo’ (Christ alone). These two pivotal truths determine our acceptance of Christ and His atoning death and His resurrection life as applicable to us.

Faith alone implies we cannot add to what Christ has accomplished. Our good works, good behavior or good devotions should be the fruit of our faith, not the substitute for our faith in Christ. This faith is what the Reformers classified as being more that ‘notitia’ which is a knowledge or data of Christ and the Gospel. It is more than ‘assenus’ which is the intellectual acceptance of faith in the Gospels. This faith includes ‘fudicia’ which is the personal reliance on, and trust in, Christ and the Gospel. Faith for us is hanging our ‘life’ on who Christ is and what He has done for us.

Sola Christo (Christ alone) – We believe there is no other name, system, power, symbol or sacrament that can provide eternal life outside of Christ. He alone is the way, the truth and the life. It’s not Christ ‘plus’ whatever religious systems try to impose upon us. It is Christ alone who is our eternal life. We receive God’s gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.

We enthusiastically enjoy life by celebrating and sharing God’s abundance with others

God has created man to live life in three essential ways.


Life is meant to be a celebration of every good thing created by God. We are created for God’s pleasure and the rest of creation is made for our pleasure, and so life is a gift from God for us to enjoy abundantly. Every new day is a celebration of the faithfulness and the awesome power of God. It is another opportunity for us to celebrate the goodness of God and to live an abundantly full and satisfied life. Jesus Christ came to deliver us from the power of sin and death, and to restore to us a life worth celebrating.


Life is meant to be lived as an increasing adventure in generosity. God’s intention is to prosper the righteous so that they can demonstrate the power of His Kingdom on earth. Generosity in multiple ways (Finance, Health, Anointing, and the Knowledge of God) is not an option but a mandate and responsibility given to all who believe in the authority of the name of Jesus. We are called to show forth the wonders of His increasing Kingdom.


Life is meant to be shared. The essential core of the Christian life is that of sharing. God’s blessings have very little meaning if it does not include the ability to bless others. The generous person is continually looking for ways to be generous and by his generosity, he is established in the favor of God. God’s favor rests upon the person who is continually mindful of others. The Christian life is built upon the foundation of Christ’s abundant life within us, transforming us so that we can live prosperously

We value all human life as a gift from God to be honored and protected

Who could fail to be amazed at the miracle of human life! A newborn baby is at the same time a miracle and a mystery. For anyone who has seen a child born, it is overwhelming – inspiring awe and wonder.

Life itself comes from God. It is not humanly generated and in this sense does not belong to us. We are merely custodians of the miracle. Whether the life is that of a dependent infant, a dependent senior citizen, or someone who finds it difficult to function in the able bodied world, every life must be respected as a priceless gift of God.

For this reason, both abortion and euthanasia are unacceptable solutions for controlling birth or hastening death. This key issue is the fact that this life will exist forever. All human beings are destined to exist forever – in this world, and the world to come.

The life we have received of God has power and purpose – power to influence other people, and an eternal destiny to be discovered and fulfilled. We are all in a world that has become adept at destroying and disrespecting life.

Multiplied millions of innocent babies have been jettisoned as unwanted tissue of the sake of comfort or convenience. Millions more have been deliberately enslaved in habits and destructive lifestyles by those who profit from human misery. In this environment SCRC boldly asserts that life is a precious gift of God, to be highly valued. Life – awesome life!